Happy Holidays from RUFFNEK Radio!

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Warm wishes for a very happy holidays from all of us here at RUFFNEK Radio!

Things have been a little quiet for us around here while we’ve been running rampant with work and family and friends and dogs and so on, but rest assured, providing you the greatest in Rock, Remix, & Techno is always at the front of our minds as the weather gets cold out there!


$1111 Cash or Comission giveaway?!

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For the furry members of our listening population, who so happen to have an account at Furaffinity…

Krispup of fA, who’s a pretty stellar artist in his own right, is showing a metric assload of generosity this holiday season, offering to giveaway $1111 in cash, or that much in commission credit.

The raffle queue is filling up fast so you need to head on over here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5259913/

And enter to win!

Stream outage 22SEP2013

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1950SLT- RUFFNEK Radio’s automation server has suffered a database outage. We’ve engaged the administration of our servers and are working to address the issue as quickly as possible, please stand by.


1959SLT- UPDATE: After 8 Minutes of downtime, the automation server has come back online and all is well. We’ll be engaging the server admin staff in the coming days to see exactly what went wrong and what’s being done to correct it. Sorry for the interruption!


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Join DJ Kiran tonight live for a very special Radio Show “Remembering 9/11” Starting 5PM SLT.

Another Update!

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Radio News

We’re back in business here at RUFFNEK Radio!

The radio station went through a little hiatus from the crew for a short while as Kiran and Trance were on vacation. Now that they’re back home and have kicked the family to the curb it’s time to turn it up here at SLs best Rock Station!

A bug was reported over several viewers using the latest iteration of FMOD Ex as a streaming source. Unfortunately this issue caused the radio station to be outright unplayable by the viewers in question which include SINGULARITY and the latest Official SL Viewer.
With the help of Lina (Co-Owner of the Yiff Alley lounge) the problem was isolated to our “intro” file which is packaged and streamed differently from the rest of the stream and was acting as a block to those viewers.
With the intro removed it now appears we are playing as intended on all viewers! If you have an issue with our stream please contact kiran.steamweaver@gmail.com with all pertinent details that we may replicate and isolate the problem. Thanks!

Kiran was recently scheduled for a military deployment but it has since been called off, so rest assured he will be here updating and adding new content as well as running his twice-weekly shows at Club SINGULARITY.

AND, with that in mind RUFFNEK Radio is testing the waters with expanding it’s staff. We’re looking for some dependable, trustworthy individuals who can assist in expanding the carrier base of RNR as well as providing vocal content for sweeps and ads. If your interested drop an email to kiran.steamweaver@gmail.com

Thanks again for all your support!

Quick update!

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It’s been a wild ride here with RUFFNEK Radio so far folks. Just wanted to apologize for the repetitiveness of Ads as of late.

Just for the record, you can expect a new run of ads coming up soon for:

  • Dragonfyre Games
  • Raawr Avatars
  • Tails Furry Community
  • Symbiotic

If you want your brand blasted to our listener base, be sure to contact kiran Steamweaver either in SL or by the link on the left menu NOW!

poster-singularityRAAWR AVATARS Wolves LAUNCH PARTY



Join the Dark Sky Captain, DJ Trance, and Miu of Raawr Avatars at Club +SINGULARITY+ For an epic launch party of Raawr Avatars brand new Wolf Avatar! 3 Avatars will be given away during the festivities by Miu so if you want a free shot at the newest thing straight out of Miu’s Blender, it’s time to click your happy asses down to the demonic dreadnaught 3-5PM SLT Friday!